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Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier

Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier

The Easy-to-Care humidifier line was designed to be easy to fill, easy to use and easy to clean.


3 Year Limited Warranty
1 Gallons
Room Size: 


The Easy-to-Care humidifier line was designed to be easy to fill, easy to use and easy to clean.


  • Easy to fill – Top fill design means no large tanks in your sink
  • Easy to use – High and low output settings
  • Easy to clean – large surfaces are easy to access for regular cleaning
  • Soothing, invisible moisture to relieve dry air discomforts
  • Illuminated water window shows water level
  • 3 speed settings to adjust moisture output and sound level
  • Wicking filter captures minerals from the water and helps prevent white dust in areas with hard water


  • Evaporative humidification technology
  • Designed for medium rooms
  • Runs up to 36 hours per filling on low setting
  • 1 gallon tank capacity
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • HAC-504 series replacement Filter A

(One wicking filter included with humidifier)


You can check your relative humidity level using a device called a hygrometer.
It is not recommended because the humidifier may not be able to raise the relative humidity levels in an area larger than recommended to an adequate level.
A comfortable everyday humidity level should be between 40-60%.
It is recommended that you clean your humidifier weekly.
For responsible recycling, please visit
You should run your humidifier on the highest setting if your room is very dry. Once you are at a more comfortable humidity you can turn your output setting to a lower setting.
The humidifier may not be able to raise the room humidity level because it will be trying to humidify a larger area than recommended for this product.
When a humidifier is used infrequently, in very dry places or for the first time in a season, it can take quite a while for the humidity level in the room/space to rise. The reason for this is that everything in the room (walls, furniture, floors, etc) is dried out and will suck up any moisture that is in the air. Only once the items in the room or space have absorbed the needed level of moisture will the humidity level start to rise in the air.
This humidifier is equipped with a top fill feature. You can fill your humidifier using a pitcher or container of water and pouring into the funnel area located on top of your humidifier. You should stop filling when your water level reaches the "Full" tabs inside the funnel area, and/or water level in the water window is at the full mark.