Advanced QuietSet® 16" Stand Fan


Introducing the next generation of quiet, cooling power - the Honeywell Advanced QuietSet® 16" Stand Fan with Noise Reduction Technology.

- 5 speed powerful and quiet whole room cooling
- Oscillation
- Adjustable fan head
- Twist & lock height adjustment 41"- 48"
- Remote control with storage nest on fan
- 1, 2, 4 & 8 hour auto-off timer option

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Product Details

  • Details & Dimensions

    A new twist on a classic, this fan has been engineered to be exceptionally quiet without compromising on power. The aerodynamic blade and cone shaped diffuser deliver more powerful airflow with less noise. From the refreshing strength of the Power Cool setting to the soothing sound of the Sleep setting, this fan’s 5 levels of quiet can be selected from anywhere in the room with the included remote. With a specially designed twist-and-lock height adjustment feature and 90°oscillation, this Advanced QuietSet® Whole Room Stand Fan is designed with your cooling comfort in mind.

    SKU: HSF600B
    Dimensions: W 15.75" x H 48"
    No tools assembly

  • Manual & FAQ's

    Question: How do I assemble my fan?


    Securing the fan to the base:
    - Take ahold of the L Shaped bolt and turn counterclockwise (by turning to the Left) in order to release the washer from the bottom of the Fan Pole.
    - Place the washer & bolt aside. Take the pole and extend it to its full length.
    - Place the Fan Pole into the base using the tabs as a guide.
    - Gently place the base on its side.
    - Insert the L shaped bold and washer on the bottom of the fan base. Tighten the bolt by turning clockwise.
    - Place the base on the floor. Take the metal pole with the Motor Assembly attached and remove the thumb screw from the lower portion of the pole by turning it counterclockwise (by turning to the Left).
    - Insert the Motor Assembly Pole into the pole attached to the base and align holes.
    - Once holes are aligned, reinsert screw and tighten by turning clockwise.

    Assembling the upper portion of the fan:
    - Circular Rear Grille Mounting Nut will come attached to the Motor Assembly. Remove it by turning counterclockwise (by turning to the Left). You will re-attach the Rear Grille Mounting Nut later.
    - Place the Rear Grille onto the Motor Housing, making sure the 2 holes in the center of the Rear Grille fit over the 2 raised knobs on the Motor Housing. Now place the Rear Grille Mounting Nut onto the center of the fan and tighten by turning it clockwise (by turning to the Right).
    - Align hole in center of Fan Blade with the screw extending from the Motor Assembly Make sure that the 2 slots on the back of the Fan Blade align with the bars extending from the shaft surrounding the screw attached to the Motor Assembly. Then push the Fan Blade into place.
    - Attach the blade knob on the center of the fan, tighten by turning counterclockwise (by turning to the Left).
    - Properly align the Front Grille with the Rear Grille. To secure the Front Grille onto the fan, raise the built-in clips around the Front Grille and fasten these clips onto the Rear Grille.

    Determining the height of the fan:
    - The unique Twist & Lock™ height adjustment feature lets you choose the perfect height for your cooling needs. Twist the top pole and either pull up or push down to find your ideal height then twist again to lock in place.
    - Securely grasp the top portion of the pole and twist counterclockwise (by turning to the Left) to unlock.
    - Pull up or push down to adjust height (placing your foot or hand gently on the base will help with the height adjustment).
    - Once you have selected the desired height, twist clockwise until you feel the pole lock into place.
    - DO NOT USE THE SCREW on the pole for height adjustment.

    For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

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    Product Features
    Product Features
    Presenting the Honeywell Advanced QuietSet® Stand Fan With Noise Reduction Technology HSF600, with a new twist on a classic.
    How to Assemble
    How to Assemble
    Learn how to assemble the Honeywell Advanced QuietSet Stand Fan With Noise Reduction Technology HSF600.

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