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Trista's Tips

Getting a good night's sleep helps me feel healthier, more alert and ready to conquer the day. Washing all of our bedding every week on the hot cycle helps reduce allergens. And who doesn't love freshly washed sheets?

I am allergic to pet dander and have learned it's a good idea to bathe the dogs regularly, as well as keep pets out of bedrooms and off upholstered furniture.
The pollen from the trees, grasses and weeds can stick to our skin, hair and clothing. I have learned that changing 
our clothes and showering when we come inside, can be extremely beneficial. 

When it gets hot, we open the 
windows. It lets in fresh air, but unfortunately along with that, comes pollen and dust. To fight against these allergens, I now know that it's best to keep windows closed in the morning hours. 
Now that Max also suffers from allergies, I'm trying to find ways to reduce the exposure to allergens, like dust and pollen, for both of us. So I let Max and Blakesly know why it's important to pick up their rooms to reduce clutter that can trap dust. And, I make sure we vacuum frequently.
Beyond food odors and cooking smoke, it can be overwhelming to realize how many products can emit chemicals and irritating VOCs into the air. My HEPA air purifier has a VOC sensor that can run the air purifier automatically to reduce these harmful gases.