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Why you need an air purifier

1. Mold spores are microscopic

They may be tough to see, but they can cause serious agitation. 

2. Your pets are sharing more than cuddles and wet kisses

3.       Spring and fall always come in like a lion.

o   New seasons often bring their own set of airborne allergens.

4.       You can’t keep up with the dust.

o   An air purifier will help capture the common sources of dust pollutants including pet dander, dirt, insect waste, and dead human skin before they settled to surfaces like your coffee table and television set.

5.       Things in your house stink.

o   From yoga pants to diaper pails, day-old socks to garbage disposal leftovers, inevitably there are unpleasant smells in your house. An air purifier can help reduce some of those odors.

6.       Food tastes delicious, but the smells can linger.

Pan-seared fish is delish, but the aroma overstays its welcome. An air purifier can help reduce those and other more subtle smells like smoke from cooking oils.