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Lower Your Heating
Bills with a Honeywell Heater.


By using a Honeywell portable heater to heat the room you’re in — as opposed to heating your whole house and turning down the thermostat a few degrees, you can save up to hundreds in heating costs per year. Portable heaters are a smart and easy way to reduce your heating bills. But when you choose the Honeywell brand, you’ll save even more.

Show me the money!

Over 40% of Americans’ energy bills go towards home heating. The average cost to heat a house at 70 degrees is $986. If every household in the U.S. turned their thermostat down just 2 degrees, nationally, we’d save more than $11.3 billion in heating costs a year (enough to buy 2.8 billion gallons of gas!)

EnergySmart® Technology - Conserve and Save
without sacrificing Warmth.

EnergySmart® Technology will automatically regulate power consumption to save energy and indicate usage – all while maintaining your desired comfort level.

Simply set your preferred temperature and the EnergySmart® Control will automatically regulate power consumption to save energy – all while maintaining your desired comfort level . It also features an Energy Usage Indicator which displays amount of energy used during operation.


The average cost to heat a house at 70 degrees


The cost to heat a house at a lower temperature of 62 degrees


The cost to heat a single room to 70 degrees with a Honeywell portable heater


Potential cost savings


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