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Using Heaters Safely

Honeywell Heaters Safely Using a heater


Portable heaters are the perfect way to increase warmth and comfort in any room, without having to raise the thermostat for the whole house. It’s also very important to use your heater safely. Follow the tips below for safe usage of your heater and to ensure your peace of mind.


9 Tips for Heater Safety


1.  Place your heater on a flat, level, firm surface.


Never put your heater on your bed, furniture, or in deep carpeting. Those are unstable surfaces that could cause the heater to tip over easily.


2. Keep flammable materials away from your heater.


Ensure at least 3 feet of space between your heater and any combustible materials, including curtains, upholstered furniture, plants, books, magazines and bedding. Do not use your heater in areas where flammable substances are stored, like paint or gasoline.


3. Do not use your heater near water.


Heaters should never be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms or places where the heater could fall into water. For example, never place your heater where it could fall into a bathtub.


4. Never cover your heater or place things on your heater.


Do not drape blankets, towels or other materials over your heater. Keep objects off the top of the heater as well, including toys, drinks, magazines and electronics.


5. Keep children and pets away from the heater.


Do not let children or pets play near the heater, and do not leave them unattended in a room with an operating heater. Never use a heater in a child’s room without adult supervision.


6. Use caution with plugs.


Plug your heater securely into a wall outlet – do not use a power strip or extension cord. If the plug does not fit snugly into the wall outlet, do not use that outlet. Do not use other devices or appliances on the same wall outlet or circuit that your heater is plugged into, as this may overload the circuit.


7. Keep your heater’s cord safe.


Do not cover the heater’s cord with a rug, furniture or other appliances. Keep the cord out of walking areas to avoid creating a tripping hazard.


8. Do not leave an operating heater unattended.


Always turn off your heater before leaving the room.


9. Unplug your heater when not in use.


When you are finished using your heater, first turn off the heater, then grip the plug and pull it from the wall outlet. Do not pull on the cord to remove the plug from the outlet. When plugged securely and snugly into a wall outlet, it is normal for the plug to feel warm to the touch.



Safety matters, to you and to us!


Honeywell takes heater safety a step further with the Safety Matters™ program, which helps us ensure that our products are made with innovative, tested safety features. Safety features built into our heaters include:

  • Tip-over protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Cool touch plastic housings
  • And more


Learn more about Safety Matters™ and choose the Honeywell portable heater that’s right for your family.

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