Cleaning Filter-Free Humidifiers

  • Question: How Do I Clean My Humidifier?


    For routine cleaning and maintenance, select the appropriate cleaning video specific to your humidifier and refer to the directions below.

    For ultrasonic humidifiers, periodic cleaning of the nebulizer will help it perform at its best. The nebulizer, which is a round disc found in the base of the unit, vibrates at ultrasonic speed to create mist. Over time, minerals from your water may collect on the nebulizer causing it to slow to a pace that is not enough to create mist.

    Turn off and unplug the humidifier.

    Empty water from the tank and base of the unit.

    Fill the base with undiluted white vinegar (just enough to cover the nebulizer) and let it soak for at least 20 minutes.  If you see a strong mineral build up, you may want to let it soak longer. Do not run the humidifier with vinegar in it.

    Gently wipe nebulizer and reservoir area with a soft cloth to remove the mineral deposits.

    Empty the vinegar and rinse the base with water until the smell of vinegar is gone.

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