Comfort Control™ 16" Double Blade Stand Fan


This unique double blade stand fan has been designed to deliver 15% more air volume1 providing powerful, whole room cooling.

- Wide angle oscillation
- Adjustable height 41"" - 48""
- 3 speed settings and 3 breeze options for customized cooling
- Electronic controls
- 1-8 hour auto-off timer option
- Remote Control
- Sturdy, weighted base

¹ Than comparable Single Blade Fan HS-1655, based on internal testing (test #17-114 and #16-007)

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Product Details

  • Details & Dimensions

    The electronic Comfort Control™ settings allow you to choose from 3 powerful speed settings and 3 breeze options - variable, breezy and constant - all focused on customizing your cooling needs. Wide area oscillation moves air throughout the whole room, with a stable weighted base, adjustable height, and convenient remote that put you in control of your comfort.

    SKU: HSF1640
    Dimensions: W 15.80" x H 48.00" x L 17.70"
    No tools assembly

  • Manual & FAQs

    Question: How do I assemble my fan?


    Pole assembly to the Base:
    - Align the pole in the base using tabs as a guide.
    - Gently place base on its side.
    - Insert and tighten the L shaped bolt and washer on the bottom of the fan base.
    - Tighten by turning clockwise (tighten by turning to the Right).

    Blade & Grilles Assembly:
    - The small blade is packaged separately in between cardboard apart from the large blade DO NOT THROW OUT!
    - Unscrew the blade nut clockwise (by turning to the Right) and the plastic nut counterclockwise (tighten by turning to the Left) and set aside.
    - Position the rear grille onto the fan head assembly making sure the two alignment holes are aligned with the two prongs.
    - Screw on plastic nut tightly clockwise (by turning to the Right) to attach rear grille.
    - Install the blade onto the shaft until the retaining pin fits into the notch on the blade. Now place the small blade on to the shaft making sure the alignment pin is inserted into one of the three holes on the large blade.
    - Screw blade nut to the motor shaft counterclockwise (tighten by turning to the Left)
    - Mount the front grille and secure using the locking clips.

    Tilt Control:
    -The airflow can be adjusted upward or downward by tilting the fan head as desired. To change the tilting angle of the fan head assembly, simply move the fan head to the desired angle.
    Height Adjustment:
    - Turn the pole locking nut counterclockwise (by turning to the Left) to loosen the pole. Adjust the pole to the desired height and firmly tighten the locking nut in a clockwise direction.

    For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

  • How-To Videos

    How to Assemble
    How to assemble your Honeywell Double Blade Stand Fan, HSF1640

Features to Love

Designed to solve your cooling needs, our fans help circulate air and quietly provide cooling benefits to help improve the comfort of your home.

Wide area oscillation
Removable Grill
Removable Grill
For easy cleaning
3 Cooling Levels
3 Cooling Levels
Customize your airflow with 3 speed settings and 3 breeze options
Adjustable Height
Adjustable Height
Adjust the fan from 41"-48"
Sturdy Base
Sturdy Base
A sturdy, weighted base


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