DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

  • $59.99

    DreamWeaver Sleep Fan


    Product Features

    • Year-round sound benefits; cooling when you need it
    • Powerful cooling with an optimized sound profile replicating pink noise, can be adjusted to work with and without airflow; putting you in control of your sleep environment
    • Adjustable shutter feature allows you to enhance your sleep environment: - Slide shutter up to turn the airflow on for personal cooling - Slide shutter down to turn the airflow off -the airflow circulates within the fan to maintain the same soothing sound
    • Capacitive Touch Controls - Easily adjust your fan settings during the night when the room is dark; simply tap the top control panel to find the perfect setting
    • 3 Fan Speeds
    • Oscillation
    • Optional Auto Off Timer with 1,2,4 or 8 hours settings
    • Light Dimming Feature
    • USB Charging Port
    • Compact design fits on nightstands
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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