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The DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

Learn more about The DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

Dream comfortably.
All year long.

DreamWeaver Sleep Fan, designed to help you create your optimal sleep environment.

Learn more about The DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

Help promote a more restorative night’s sleep with DreamWeaver. Customize your sleep environment like never before.

Sound-masking, relaxing pink noise.

What is pink noise?

Pink noise is a mix of high and low frequencies. It sounds more balanced and natural than white noise. In addition to its sound-masking properties, research has shown that pink noise in particular can help promote a more restful, deep sleep. This innovative fan generates pink noise even when you shut off the airflow – making it perfect for year round use.


The DreamWeaver fan’s soothing pink noise is perfect for year round use, even when it’s cold outside.

Airflow can be shut off for cool nights.

Powerful cooling for hot nights.

All in one remarkable solution, for your best sleep environment all year long.

DreamWeaver is designed specifically to bring you a soothing sleep environment, every night of the year.


Marisa M, December 14, 2018

“I felt more rested when I awoke the mornings after using it.”

Gene61, December 14, 2018

“I have always used a fan when I sleep. This one had a different sound, more relaxing and calming.”

Cjtigerurl, December 13, 2018

“It helped me drown out my husband’s snoring.”

Jessica, December 13, 2018

“It’s an awesome product! I have always had a hard time falling asleep but with 10-15 minutes I would be peacefully falling asleep.”

Jessica, December 13, 2018

“It’s a really great product I would recommend to anyone. I love the pivot design because my nightstand sits a little lower than my bed.”

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