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Energy Savings With Honeywell Fans

Use fans to save in the summer.

You know that a fan helps keep you cool in the summertime. But what you might not know is that it can also take the heat off your energy bills. 


Here's how:

Simply run a whole-room air circulator, along with your air conditioner or central cooling system this summer. The whole-room circulator will improve air movement through the room so you don't have to turn up the A/C as high. By using less energy to cool the same space, you could save as much as 20% off your energy bill1.


Here's an example:

The seasonal cost to cool one room using an AC unit is $95.001compared to $4.001 to run one whole-room air circulator. If you run the air circulator with the AC unit and turn up its thermostat by 5 degrees or higher (to conserve energy), you can save about $19.80 per room per season2 - all while staying perfectly cool and comfortable.


Use fans to save in the winter.

If you think a fan is just a warm weather appliance, think again. You can also use a whole-room air circulator to save energy and money in the wintertime, too. In the wintertime, heat typically collects at the ceiling of your home. When you use a Honeywell Air Circulator, heat is drawn down from the ceiling and distributes more evenly around your home. This allows you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, while using less energy.



1Save up to 20% on energy bills when used with an air conditioner! Save up to 5% for each degree you raise the thermostat. Raise temperature up to 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort. Increased air flow allows the a/c to be used at lower wattage settings to help save you money.