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DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

DreamWeaver Sleep Fan

  • Model HTF400
  • Color Black
  • Size W 7.03 " x H 7.40 " x L 7.03 "


The DreamWeaver® Sleep Fan generates constant soothing pink noise with sound blocking benefits with or without airflow, allowing you to customize your sleep environment every night of the year. Whether you are headed to bed and want to create relaxing retreat or the neighbor's noisy dog is disrupting your TV time, our fan can help put you in control of your sound and cooling environment. The innovative airflow shutter lets you choose, leave it open for cooling in the warm weather or close it to stop the airflow on chilly nights, all while maintaining the pink noise sound.  Easy-tap controls include a touch-sensitive, easy tap area, so easy you could do it in your sleep! No need to turn on the light just tap the top surface to power the fan on and change the 3 powerful speeds. Four light dimming settings for those that need a hint of light and an "off" selection to satisfy those that crave a dark sleep sanctuary. The fan also oscillates and pivots to let users choose the direction of airflow that is most comfortable for their personal use. The compact design is easily portable and fits perfectly on a nightstand, dresser, desk or the floor, delivering soothing pink noise sound and cooling airflow where you need it! Dream Comfortably. All Year Long™.

Product Features

  • Year-round sound benefits; cooling when you need it

  • Powerful cooling with an optimized sound profile replicating pink noise, can be adjusted to work with and without airflow; putting you in control of your sleep environment

  • Adjustable shutter feature allows you to enhance your sleep environment:
    - Slide shutter up to turn the airflow on for personal cooling
    - Slide shutter down to turn the airflow off -the airflow circulates within the fan to maintain the same soothing sound

  • Capacitive Touch Controls
    - Easily adjust your fan settings during the night when the room is dark; simply tap the top control panel to find the perfect setting

  • 3 Fan Speeds

  • Oscillation

  • Optional Auto Off Timer with 1,2,4 or 8 hours settings

  • Light Dimming Feature

  • USB Charging Port

  • Compact design fits on nightstands

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • Model

    • HTF400

  • Color

    • Black

  • Size

    • W 7.03 " x H 7.40 " x L 7.03 "

  • Warranty

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DreamWeaver Sleep Fan HTF400 product
DreamWeaver Sleep Fan
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