Honeywell Safeguard™ Motion Sensor Ceramic Heater (HCE323)

  • Question: The heater was running fine and now won’t run, what should I do?


    The HCE323 Motion Sensor Ceramic Tower has a unique safety motion sensor that shuts off the heater when an object becomes too close; it then turns back on when the item is removed. 

    This heater has a tip-over switch that will shut the heater off when not level. Be sure that the heater is on a flat surface and that tip-over switch is not engaged on the bottom. 

    Because heaters are running at such high wattage, inconsistencies in power could trip an internal breaker. Try unplugging the unit and leaving it unplugged for about 20 minutes. This should reset the unit. 

    Also, if there is more than one heater connected on the same circuit in the house, it could trip the circuit breaker and shut the unit and other appliances connected on that circuit. 

    If the timer was activated and has reached the end of the timeframe selected, this would also turn off the heater. 

  • Question: How do I use the features on my HCE323 Motion Sensor Ceramic Heater?


    Two operational modes – continuous heating or heating with a thermostat setting where the heater cycles on and off according to the selected temperature setting. 

    Timer Button    - This allows you to select 1, 2, 4, or 8-hour setting. The heater will run for that chosen period in the selected mode, counting down the hours, and automatically shutting the heater off after the selected time has passed. 
    If unit has an oscillation feature, press the Oscillate Button   to turn on or off the oscillation function.  

    For full specifications of this heater’s features refer to your heaters Owner’s Manual.

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