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2016 Top Ten Coziest Cities

Published January, 2017
Which are the coziest cities in America? Based on updated criteria and expert ranking, below is a list of the top ten coziest U.S. cities this year:

#10: Salt Lake City, Utah

At the foot of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains lies Salt Lake City, the 10th coziest city on this year’s list. During the winter, travelers can hit the slopes at one of three ski resorts in the area or visit the Utah Olympic Park, less than a 40 minute drive from downtown Salt Lake. Salt Lake is a great place to cozy up and enjoy the scenery.

#9: Denver, Colorado

With a high ranking for tiny homes, a number of specialty grocers and coffee shops, and great skiing in the nearby Rocky Mountains, Denver settles into the #9 spot on the Coziest Cities list. With mild winter temperatures, only 8 to 15 inches of annual precipitation and fast melting snow, visitors can take advantage of the golf courses and outdoor cafes almost all season long.

#8: Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California comes in as the 8th coziest city this year due to a high number of specialty grocers and coffee shops that offer warm, comforting food and drink. Skiing in the nearby Sierra Nevada’s and a number of parks and landmarks such as Sutter’s Fort and the Tower Bridge make Sacramento a great city to cozy up in.

#7: Minneapolis, Minnesota

A wide selection of specialty grocers and bakeries, great ice fishing and skiing options all around the state landed Minneapolis in the #7 spot on the Top 10 Coziest Cities list. This city was the flour mill capital of the world, with Pillsbury and General Mills still calling this beautiful city their home.

#6: Rochester, New York

New to the Top 10 Coziest Cities rankings this year is Rochester, New York. With an average snowfall of 93 inches per year, visitors can cozy up indoors in one of the city’s many coffee shops or book stores. There are also a number of bed and breakfasts and ski resorts in upstate New York.

#5: Portland, Oregon

Still holding a place in the top 5, Portland, Oregon is a wonderful place to experience art, music and mild winter temperatures. Nearby skiing in Bend, a large selection of coffee shops and a high number of tiny homes help Portland claim the #5 spot on this year’s Top 10 Coziest Cities list.

#4: Albany, New York

Located 150 miles north of New York City is this year’s #4 coziest city, Albany, New York. Plenty of bed and breakfasts, shopping centers and skiing close by in the Catskills and the Adirondacks make Albany a great destination for all types of travelers.

#3: Seattle, Washington

With great skiing nearby in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, plenty of cozy coffee shops and a number of tiny homes, Seattle claimed the #3 spot on this year’s Coziest Cities list. The birthplace of Starbucks and home to the iconic Space Needle, Seattle provides a lot of places to cozy up with the one you love.

#2: San Francisco, California

San Francisco, CA comes in at #2 on the 2016 Coziest Cities list. Known for its rolling hills and iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, this popular tourist destination is not far from skiing in Lake Tahoe and offers plenty of cozy specialty shops.

#1: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, MA tops the charts this year as the coziest city in the US. With close proximity to a number of ski resorts in the Northeast, a high ranking for specialty stores per capita, and a high number of tiny homes, Boston is a great place to get cozy.