Honeywell Air Genius 5 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer (HFD320)

  • Question: How do I reset the filter light on my Air Purifier? HFD320 (Honeywell Air Genius 5)?

    Answer: The filter check LED will illuminate when it is time to check/clean the filters after 3 months of continuous operation of the air cleaner.  After the filter has been cleaned and placed back in the unit (dry), you will want to reset the indicator. To do this, ‘touch’ the ‘OK’ button for 2 or more seconds until the LED light is off and the fill ‘chart’ is not illuminated. 

  • Question: How do I clean my Air Purifier?

    Answer: We recommend that you clean the air purifier at least once every 3 months and before extended storage. Use only a dry cloth to wipe the external surfaces of the air purifier. DO NOT USE WATER, WAX POLISH, OR ANY CHEMICAL SOLUTION. 

  • Question: How do I operate/turn off the accent light?

    Answer: The HFD320 features a soft accent light and dimmer.  The top of the control panel has an accent light button you can use to control this feature.

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