Honeywell Two Position Heater and Fan (HHF250)

  • Question: Can extension cords be used with heaters?

    Answer: You should avoid the use of an extension cord as it may overheat. However, if you have to use an extension cord, be sure it is a polarized cord of 14 AWG minimum and rated no less than 1875 watts. Cords should also not be under rugs or carpets. 

  • Question: Can our heaters be used in bathrooms?

    Answer: No, this heater is not designed for use in a bathroom or other humid areas, such as a laundry room or an open porch. Not only is there a risk of electrocution in moist environments, but damp locations, especially bathrooms, create a situation where moisture can collect on the heating element. Over time this moisture can cause serious damage to the element and the heater. Using this heater in the bathroom will void the warranty.

  • Question: How can you clean heaters?

    Answer: Our heaters are not meant to be dissembled for cleaning. Be sure your heater is in the OFF position. Unplug the heater before cleaning, and wait for it to cool. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean only the external surfaces. 

  • Question: How much do heaters cost to operate?

    Answer: The cost of running your heater depends on the price your electric company currently charges you per kilowatt hour. The average cost per kilowatt hour in the U.S. is approximately 13 Cents. The formula for determining the cost of operation is as follows: (Wattage x .001) x Cost per Kilowatt Hour = Cost to operate 

  • Question: Why would a cord on a heater be getting hot?

    Answer: All of our heaters operate at around 1500 watts. This amount of electricity may cause your cord to become warm - this is normal. You should be able to put your hand around the cord and feel that it is warm to the touch, but it shouldn't be too hot to handle. If the cord is so hot that it is hard to hold in your hand, then there may be a problem with the outlet the heater is connected to. A loose fit in the outlet will cause the plug to overheat, as is stated in all of our heater manuals. If your cord becomes too hot to touch, discontinue use immediately and contact a qualified electrician to inspect the outlet before any further use. 

  • Question: The heater was running fine and now won’t run, what should I do?

    Answer: Because heaters are running at such high wattage, inconsistencies in power could trip an internal breaker. Try unplugging the unit and leaving it unplugged for about 20 minutes. This should reset the unit. Also, if there is more than one heater connected on the same circuit in the house, it could trip the circuit breaker and shut the unit and other appliances connected on that circuit.

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