Honeywell Replacement Wicking Humidifier Filter, Filter A


Filter captures minerals and physical impurities from water & helps prevent white dust.

- Protec® antimicrobially treated to help inhibit the growth and migration of mold, algae and bacteria on the filter*
- Optimized filter design maximizes moisture output
- Fits Honeywell Models HCM-350 series, HEV355, HCM-315T, HCM-300T, HEV312, HCM-710

*Based on internal laboratory test report #SM211AF

Product Details

  • Details & Dimensions

    The Honeywell Replacement Wicking Filter is a Protec® treated antimicrobial filter, which helps inhibit the growth and migration of mold, algae and bacteria on the filter.* The blue pre-filter layer helps capture large particles, and the wicking filter itself captures minerals from the water helping prevent white dust.

    SKU: HAC-504

    Fits Models: HCM350, HEV355, HCM710, HCM315, HEV312

    For best performance, use only Genuine Honeywell humidifier filters.

    *Based on internal laboratory test report #SM211AF

  • FAQs

    Question: When do I replace my filter?

    Answer: In general the wicking filter will last 1-2 months depending on water quality and usage. Any of the following conditions indicate that it is time to replace the Wicking Filter:

    -A buildup of impurities and minerals on the Wicking Filter (evidenced by discoloration of the Wicking Filter)
    -An appreciable decrease in Humidifier output. Please keep in mind if your relative humidity is high your humidifier will put out less moisture
    -The top surface of the Wicking Filter is not moist to the touch
    -The Wicking Filter has large holes or tears

    The Wicking Filter should be replaced at least one or two times during the season, depending on usage, mineral content of the water and the environment. We encourage you to only use a Honeywell HAC-504AW Replacement Wicking Filter. The use of other Wicking Filters may lead to sub-standard performance.

    For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

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