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Tips To Help You Find The
Ideal Humidity Level.

Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity level in your room.

The ideal humidity level is 40-60%.

A Honeywell Humidity Monitor displays the current indoor humidity level and temperature.

Choose the humidifier location wisely.

Make refilling the tank a breeze.

Choose a location where you can easily access water for refilling the tank.

Don’t use essential oils in a humidifier.

Never add essential oils in the tank of any humidifier.

The oils can damage the humidifier and void the warranty.

Try not to exceed a 60% humidity level.

If this occurs, open a door and turn the humidifier off
or down.

Exceeding a 60% humidity level can cause condensation around the humidifier, on walls and nearby surfaces.

Do not move your humidifier when it is full.

Always pour water out of the tank and reservoir before moving

Remove scale regularly if you have hard water.

If you have hard water, be sure to clean your humidifier
regularly to remove scale.

Mineral buildup on a heating element (warm mist models) or nebulizer (ultrasonic models) can cause the mechanism to run inefficiently or fail prematurely.

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