Honeywell Table Air Circulator Fan (HT900)

  • Question: How Do I Wall-Mount The Unit?


    Locate and mark the position on the wall where the fan will be mounted (preferably at a wall stud).

    Insert two screws into the wall stud. (Screws are not included and can be purchased at a hardware store).

    Use #8, 1˝ length screws, leave 3/8˝ below screw head (bolt) exposed from the wall.

    Line up the openings on the base of the fan with the screws (bolts) and hang the fan on the wall.

    Recommended mounting hardware not included – #6-8 x 1” Anchor, #8- 1-¼” Screw

    Using the Wall Mounting Template choose the location for your fan (preferably at a wall stud).

    Insert 4 anchor & screws using the template as a guide, DO NOT insert the screws all the way, leave approximately 3/8” space between the screw head and the wall.

    Align the holes in the bottom of the fan base with the screws, carefully place the fan on the screws. Use ONLY the recommended screws for mounting.


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