Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier (HUL535)

  • Question: What Is The White Dust On My Humidifier?


    High mineral content in your water, also known as hard water, may cause a white mineral residue to accumulate on surfaces in the room near the humidifier. The higher the mineral content (hardness) of your water, the greater the potential that an Ultrasonic humidifier may produce white dust. White dust is not a result of a defect or flaw in the humidifier. It is a result of the amount of mineral suspended in the water you are using.

    To minimize the amount of white dust, use a mixture of distilled water with tap water in your tank.

  • Question: Where Can I Find A New Owner’s Manual For My Unit?

    Answer: Please refer to your specific model’s detail page. There you’ll be able to view and print your owner’s manual.

  • Question: How Do I Know Which Size Humidifier Will Best Fit My Room?


    Room Size Chart

    Small - Up to 250 ft²

    Medium - ~250-400 ft²

    Large - ~400-600 ft²

    XL/Multi - ~700-1200 ft²

    *Room sizes are estimates based on measurement in accordance with ANSI standards for homes of average insulation.

  • Question: How do I clean my HUL535 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier?


    Follow the step by step instructions below to clean your Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier. You can also view the How to Clean video here:  
    (Instructions below are from the manual) 
    Before Cleaning 
    1. Turn off and unplug humidifier. Never clean the humidifier when it is running.  
    2. Remove Water Tank and empty completely. Remove any accessories from the water tank. 
    Scale Removal: 
    1.Turn off and unplug the humidifier. 
    2. Remove Water Tank from Base. Remove Mist Outlet from top of Water Tank and set aside. Remove Tank Cap, taking care that black rubber Cap Seal does not come off. Empty water from Water Tank and Base. 
    The number 3 instruction was taken out. 
    4. Add 2 cups of undiluted distilled white vinegar to Water Tank. Replace Tank Cap and swish vinegar solution around in Tank. Place Tank on Base. Vinegar solution will drain into Water Reservoir and loosen mineral buildup (scale) on Nebulizer and Float as they soak in the solution. It will also loosen scale on bottom of Water Tank. 
    5. Soak for 20 minutes.  
    6. After soaking, unlock Tank Cap and pour solution out in sink. Use solution from Water Reservoir to wipe the underside of the Mist Outlet with a clean cloth.  
    7. Pour solution from Water Reservoir out in sink. Gently wipe Nebulizer and Float with soft cloth to remove loosened mineral deposits.  
    8. Rinse Water Reservoir and Water Tank until smell of vinegar (for Scale Removal process) or bleach solution (for Disinfecting process) is gone. Make sure water does not enter the fan opening (vented opening in back of base) or Power Knob. 
    Follow Steps 1-3 in Scale Removal Instructions in previous section. 
    For Step 4: Add 1 tsp of bleach to 1 gallon (3.8L) of water and add to Water Tank. Replace Tank Cap. Swish solution around in Tank. Place Tank on Base. Bleach solution will drain into Water Reservoir and will disinfect Water Reservoir and other components as they soak.  
    NOTE: Using more than 1 tsp. of bleach per gallon of water may result in damage to your humidifier. See steps 5-8 in Scale Removal Instructions in previous section to complete Disinfecting process.  
    NOTE: Do not mix vinegar and bleach solutions together. Scale Removal and Disinfecting must 

  • Question: What do I do if my humidifier has power, but I don’t see any mist?


    The following cases could cause little or no mist:

    No water in the tank 

    Unit is not level 

    Mineral deposits on nebulizer; needs to be cleaned 

    Power setting may be too low 

  • Question: What do I do if I suspect my unit is leaking?


    Check the tank for any cracks or damage and replace if necessary.

    Make sure the cap is on tight by making sure it is on lock position. 

    Check the Tank Cap to make sure the rubber gasket is in place on the tank cap.

    If you have tried the above and area still experiencing issues, contact Consumer Relations. Call us at 1.800.477.0457 or email [email protected]

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