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Choosing a Humidifier

Looking to buy a humidifier but not sure which type will fit your lifestyle? There are several different types of humidifiers from which to choose that vary in size and method of humidification. All humidifiers add moisture to the air. Choosing which one is right for you is really a matter of personal preference. Here are a few insights to help you make the right choice for your home.

Warm or Cool

It’s a matter of personal preference.


Think about what features are important to you. These are some features you may find when looking for a humidifier.

Close up of humidistat on HEV312 control panel

 Warm mist humidifiers boil the water to emit a cooled steam, so the room temperature may rise slightly.

Cool mist humidifiers use a fan to blow moisture into the room which helps keep the room temperature stable.
  • Power settings - These control the fan speed or moisture output. The higher the control, the faster the moisture enters the room.
  • Humidistat - Regulates a set humidity level. With a humidistat, you set your desired humidity level. When the set level is reached, the humidifier turns off. When the room drops below the set level, the humidifier turns back on.
  • Timer - This can be set to turn the humidifier off after a set amount of time.


Consider where the humidifier will be used. 


Keeping your humidifier clean is an important part of your humidification experience.

Choose a location that will be easy to access water for filling. Think about the sound level and the brightness of lights if using in a bedroom. Select the right size humidifier for your room to avoid under or over-humidification.

Look for easy wipe surfaces, dishwasher safe parts and the ability to clean inside the tank. Here are some tips for keeping your humidifier clean.