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How Iconic Homes Preserve History

The winter season brings with it dry, harsh air and its potentially damaging effect on objects and materials inside homes. To help today’s homeowners protect their belongings for years to come, the marketers of Honeywell Humidifiers have turned to iconic American homes for expert insights on preserving the integrity of valuable objects.

The caretakers of six celebrated homes across the U.S. have shared their experiences with historical preservation to show how low humidity levels can impact valuable artifacts, antiques, wood furnishings and even wallpaper from generations past.

Click through the slideshows below to learn more about the potential impact of low relative humidity levels in different regions and how humidification can help.

Black Point Estate

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Taliesin West and The David & Gladys Wright House

Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

Castello di Amorosa

Napa Valley, California

House of the Seven Gables & 
Birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Salem, Massachusetts