Honeywell Soothing Comfort Warm Mist Humidifier (HWM845)

  • Question: What Filter Do I Need?

    Answer: Does not require a filter.

  • Question: What Do I Do If The Power is On, But My Humidifier Isn’t Working?


    • Relative humidity level in room may be too high and air will not accept any more moisture; if running humidifier in closed room, open door to ventilate

    • If your Warm Mist humidifier with a humidistat is on and there is no mist, adjust the humidistat to a higher level by turning the knob clockwise (to the right).

    • If your Warm Mist humidifier, with or without a humidistat, is on, there is no mist, and the red reset light is illuminated:

    • Check if the tank is empty. Turn unit off, fill with cool water, wait 10 minutes for heating element to cool, then turn back on.


    • The heating element needs to be cleaned. Please refer to the Warm Mist cleaning instructions above.

    • If your Warm Mist humidifier does not have a humidistat, is on and there is no mist, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can further assist you.

  • Question: Where Can I Find a New Owner’s Manual For My Unit?

    Answer: Please refer to your specific model’s detail page. There you’ll be able to view and print your owner’s manual.

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