Personalize Your Cool

When the temperature rises, Honeywell fans help you keep your cool – your way. Learn about the different types and technologies below to find the perfect fan for your cooling needs, or check the quick reference chart to see the wide variety of features you can choose from.

I want…

A really quiet fan.

You’ve come to the right place! Our fans are designed for reduced noise, but the QuietSet® fans give you extra sound control. The technology in our Advanced QuietSet Stand Fan incorporates aerodynamic blades and a specially shaped diffuser to produce significantly less noise, while delivering a high level of cooling.

A powerful fan that doesn’t take up much space.

With our tower fans, you get a sleek, elegant look and powerful cooling. You can choose a tower fan with or without QuietSet technology. Sizes range from fans that can be placed on the floor, like the Turbo Force® Tower Fan, to the compact QuietSet Slim Mini Tower Fan, which can sit on your nightstand.

Or, try the Table Air Circulator Fan – it has Turbo Force technology for plenty of cooling power with a small footprint.

A fan with lots of cooling levels to choose from.

The QuietSet Tower Fan gives you 8 cooling settings for a completely personalized level of cool. Our Advanced QuietSet Stand Fan and QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan also offer 5 cooling settings.

The most cooling power.

For a cool that you can feel up to 40 feet away, try the Turbo® Force Floor Fan. This powerful fan is a great way to keep large spaces cooler, with less noise than you would expect for so much power.

A fan to help me sleep.

A great solution is our new DreamWeaverTM Sleep Fan. This fan offers sound-blocking pink noise technology to help you create a more comfortable sleep environment. On cool nights, you can even shut off the fan’s airflow while keeping the pink noise on.

Or, choose one of our QuietSet fans – they all feature “Sleep” and “White Noise” settings for quiet operation with cooling power.

A way to reduce my air conditioning costs.

Did you know you can save up to 20% on your energy bill this summer, without sacrificing cooling comfort? It’s easy – simply run a whole-room fan along with your air conditioner. The fan moves the cold air around the room, so you can feel cooler than with the A/C alone. By incorporating a fan, you can raise you’re A/C thermostat up to 4 degrees higher without loss of comfort. And for each degree you raise your thermostat, you can save up to 5% on your energy bill. Pretty cool, huh?

For this benefit, choose any of our fans designed for whole room air circulation.

See all your options with this handy guide, and find your perfect fan!