PowerPlus™ & InSight™ Series

  • Question: My Air Purifier is starting to make noise and the air output is less. What's wrong?

    Answer: The filters may be dirty. High amounts of contaminants can block the pores in the filter and stop the air from moving through it. Replace the Filters. The HEPA Filters should be replaced every year and the Pre-Filter and Enhanced Odor and VOC Filter should be replaced every 3 months. Please note these are guidelines only and filters should be checked periodically as individual home conditions may vary. To help ensure proper performance, replace with Certified Genuine Honeywell Filters.

  • Question: How long should I run my Air Purifier?

    Answer: In general, the unit will be most effective when doors and windows are closed. It is recommended that you run your air purifier while you are at home to help clean the air. If desired or conditions warrant, you may run your air purifier 24 hours a day.

  • Question: Can I wash any of the filters in my Air Purifier?

    Answer: No. Washing the filters will ruin them.

  • Question: What are VOCs?

    Answer: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted from various solids and liquids such as paints, cleaning supplies, building materials, and permanent markers. Some of these compounds can have adverse short, and, long term health effects and consistently have higher concentrations indoors than outside. (Source: https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/volatile-organic-compounds-impact-indoor-air-quality).

  • Question: Why did my Air Purifier suddenly turn on a higher setting?

    HPA3200 & HPA3300:
    Check if your Air Purifier is set to Auto Mode. If it is, the unit may have sensed a higher level of VOCs and has adjusted the cleaning level accordingly to reduce them.

  • Question: The control panel is unresponsive, what should I do?

    Answer: First, make sure the unit is plugged in and getting power from an outlet. Then, make sure that the Quick Start guide card has been removed from the top of the control panel.

  • Question: The Air Quality Indicator is constantly changing colors once I turn it on, is this normal?

    Answer: Yes, on the HPA3200, HPA3300B, HPA5200B and HPA5300B that are equipped with a VOC sensor, when the unit is turned on, the Air Quality Indicator will run between green, amber and red for 30 seconds as it calibrates and stop at the respective color based on the air quality/VOCs level detected by the sensors.

  • Question: Which filters fit my unit?

    The PowerPlus and InSight series use the A or A+ Pre-Filters and R HEPA Filters. In addition to those filters, they also work with the optional S Enhanced Odor & VOC Filters.
    You can also identify the correct replacement filters for your air purifier, you can reference any of the following:

    1. On your air purifier remove the grille of the air purifier to find the stickers indicating the replacement filters needed or scan the QR code on the stickers to access the filter replacement page
    2. On our website: Find the product page for your model on our website. Filter compatibility will appear under "View All Specifications" section on the bottom of the product page. You can also find filter compatibility and installation instructions in the owner's manual.

  • Question: Can I use the S Enhanced Odor & VOC Filters instead of the A or A+ Pre-Filter?

    Answer: No, the A or A+ Pre-Filter and R HEPA Filter(s) are necessary for operation. The S Enhanced Odor & VOC Filters are optional and can be used in addition to the Pre-Filter and HEPA Filter.

  • Question: Where can I find the model number for my unit?

    Answer: You can locate your model number in the following places: On the sticker plaaced on the housing (grille removed), the bottom of the unit and on the box.

  • Question: How often do I need to change my filters?

    Answer: The Pre-Filter and Enhanced Odor & VOC Filter(s) are recommended to be changed every 3 months. The HEPA Filter(s) are recommended to be changed every 12 months. These replacement intervals are intended as guidelines only. Performance of any filter media is dependent upon the concentration of contaminants going through the system. High concentrations of contaminants such as dust, pet dander, and smoke will reduce the useful life and performance of the filters.

  • Question: Why is the Filter Indicator Light illuminated after replacing the filter?

    Answer: The Filter Reset Light(s) need to be reset after the filter(s) have been replaced. See instructions below on how to reset your filter light and refer to your Owner's Manual here.

  • Question: How do I reset the filter lights?

    After you have replaced the appropriate filters, plug the unit back in. The Pre-Filter/Enhanced Odor and VOC Filter and/or HEPA Filter Reset Light will remain on until it is reset. To reset, follow the following instructions:

    Pre-Filter and Enhanced Odor & VOC Filter Reset: 
    With the unit powered off, press the Filter Reset button 2 times within one second.
    The Pre-Filter/Enhanced Odor & VOC Filter indicator light will blink twice to indicate the timer
    has been reset and will then turn off.

      HEPA Filter Reset: 
    With the unit powered off, press and hold the Filter Reset button for two seconds. The HEPA Filter
    indicator light will blink twice to indicate the timer has been reset and will then turn off.

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