Honeywell Premium Household Gas & Odor Reducing Pre-Filter B


The Honeywell B Pre-Filter helps reduce common household odors and VOC gases and fumes.

Product Details

  • Details & Dimensions

    Deodorizes the air and helps reduce odors and VOCs with activated carbon and zeolite. Captures larger airborne particles such as dust, lint, fibers & pet fur.

    SKU: HRF-B1, HRF-B2
    Dimensions: 20" x 4.2" x .25"

    Compatible with: HPA060, HPA160, HHT-055, HHT-155, HHT-080, HHT-081, HHT-085, HHT-090, HHT-100, HHT-145, HHT-149, HPA-050, HPA-150, HPA245, HPA249, HPA248 Series

    In the Box: 1 B+ Pre-Filter (1-pack), 2 B+ Pre-Filters (2-pack)

    For best performance, use only Genuine Honeywell air purifier filters and replace every 3 months.

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