Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier


The Honeywell Top Fill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier provides a cool, soothing mist that helps maintain proper humidity levels in your living spaces. This compact, quiet humidifier is perfect for use throughout your home and can be helpful year-round to provide relief from dry air caused by furnaces and air conditioners, putting nourishing moisture back into the air to naturally hydrate skin.

  • Dual-directional mist outlet
  • Essential oil tray
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • Cleaning brush included

Product Details

  • Details & Dimensions

    This Honeywell top fill humidifier is ideal for medium rooms, and is quick and easy to use and clean, with no filter to change. When the air is dry, you can rely on this humidifier for your entire family. With a wide flip-top tank opening and the option to refill at the tank or the sink, it’s easy to maintain. This cool mist ultrasonic humidifier has variable mist control, an essential oil tray, and a dual directional mist outlet that provides 180-degree movement in two directions. Two independent nozzles allow you to adjust the mist where you want it for maximum comfort. It features a 1.25-gallon capacity, with a 36-hour run time per tank and auto shut off when empty.

    SKU: HUL585
    Room Size: Medium
    Tank Size: 1.25 gallon tank
    Run Time: up to 36 hours
    Dimensions: W 8.1" x H 13.9" x L 8.3"

    No filter required. Includes cleaning brush.

  • Manual & FAQs

    Question: How do I set up my humidifier?

    Remove packaging materials. Locate Float Paddle and set aside. This is required for operation. Remove twist tie and extend power cord.

    Plug Adapter Cord into the port on the back of the unit. Place on a firm, level, water resistant surface a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm) from walls.

    Fill tank with cool water and close the tank lid.

    With the Power Knob in the off position, plug humidifier in. Turn the Power Knob clockwise to highest setting. It is recommended you set the output to high until
    you reach a comfortable humidity level.

    Question: How do I clean my humidifier?

    To keep your humidifier running efficiently, clean it regularly. Weekly cleaning is recommended. All maintenance should be done in the kitchen or bathroom on a water resistant surface near a faucet. To properly clean your humidifier, we recommend the separate processes of Scale Removal and Disinfecting. These two processes must be performed separately.

    Before Cleaning

    1. Turn off and unplug humidifier. Never clean the humidifier when it is running.
    2. Remove Water Tank and empty completely. Remove any accessories from the water tank.

    Scale Removal (Mineral Buildup)

    1. Pour a minimum of 1 cup (1/4 liter) of undiluted distilled white vinegar in the Water Tank. Gently swish vinegar around in the Tank to wet entire inside of Tank.
    2. Place Tank on Base. Vinegar will drain into the Water Reservoir and loosen mineral buildup (scale) in the Reservoir and bottom of the Water Tank. There should be enough vinegar to cover the bottom inside of the Tank.
    3. Soak for 20 minutes, then remove Water Tank and slowly empty vinegar into sink. Rinse with tap water until the smell of vinegar is gone.
    4. Empty vinegar from Base and Reservoir area; rinse with water until the smell of vinegar is gone.
    5. Remove Float Paddle from Reservoir by lifting up on Float Rod and set aside. Use a soft cloth or the included Cleaning Brush to gently clean Nebulizer, and all areas in the Reservoir. Wipe Float Paddle with a soft cloth to remove loosened minerals.
    6. Place Float Paddle back in Reservoir. Position in place. 


    1. Add 1 teaspoon (5mL) of bleach to 1 gallon (3.8L) of water. Pour the bleach solution into the Tank.
    2. Place Tank on Base. Bleach solution will drain into the Water Reservoir.
    3. Soak for 20 minutes, then remove the Water Tank and slowly empty bleach solution into sink. Rinse Tank with tap water until the smell of bleach is gone.
    4. Empty bleach solution from Base and Reservoir area; rinse with water until the smell of bleach is gone.
    5. Remove Float Paddle from Reservoir and rinse.
    6. Place Float Paddle back in Reservoir. Position in place. 

    For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

  • Warranty

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    What You’ll Need to Register Your Humidifier:
    1. Model number for each product you purchased
    2. An email address. We will use this to send you confirmation of your registration
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Buying Guide

Benefits of Humidification

Dual Directional Mist Outlet

Direct mist in two directions.

Essential Oil Tray

Add essential oil for extra comfort (oil not included).

Wide Tank Opening

Easy to fill, empty and clean (cleaning brush included).


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