Experience Warmth & Peace of Mind

Driving consumer-valued advances in safety, comfort and features in portable electric heaters.

Cold Air Comforts

Stay warm and cozy during those extra cold winter days with a Honeywell heater.

Plants Thrive with Humidity

Winter weather can be harsh for you and your plants. Adding some humidity to your room can help your plants thrive, and adds benefits for you, too.

Personal Heaters

Personal, portable heaters deliver warmth instantly. Add a space heater to your home office.

Permanent Filtration Air Purifiers

Permanent and washable filters. Change your air quality, not your filter. 

Year Round Air Circulation

Air circulators are designed to work with the cooling and heating in your home to create a custom comfort zone in any season.

When cleaner air matters, we are here for you.

Air Purifiers

If you would like fresher, cleaner air in your home, we have an air purifier for you.



Honeywell Fans are designed to provide powerful air circulation and quiet, precise cooling so you can relax in comfort all year round.

Experience warmth and peace of mind


Honeywell Heaters are made with the most innovative, tried and tested safety features, so you can warm up any space and feel good.

Restore Essential Moisture to Dry Air


Our humidifiers add moisture, optimally and efficiently. And they’re easy to clean and maintain.

For best results, choose Genuine Honeywell filters.

Air Purifier Pre-Filters

Helps trap larger airborne particles and reduce household odors & VOCs.

Humidifier Wicking Filters

Captures minerals from the water and helps prevent white dust.

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