Heater Support 

Browse our heater support pages to find general product guidance, safety features of your heater, and product FAQs. Access our product support pages below with frequently asked questions about your specific heater.

Our Safety Matter® program is constantly evolving to ensure that our products are made with innovative, tried and tested safety features. All of our heaters come with the standard industry heater safety requirements which includes one overheat device, a visible power light, a UL rated power cord, and flame resistant plastic. With our Safety Matters® program, we go above the standard industry requirements and offer even more safety features, which includes features like tip-over switches, cool touch housing, additional overheat protection and more! Check out our Safety Matters® page to learn about the features in your heater.

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Using Heaters Safely

Heaters can help keep you cozy and warm, and using them safely is important. Here are some tips for heater safety.

Product Specific Support

Find frequently asked questions, how-to videos, owner’s manuals and additional support for your specific heater.

UberHeat® 5

Model #: HCE210

UberHeat® Plus

Model #: HCE220

ThermaWave™ 6

Model #: HCE870


Model #: HCE200

EnergySmart® Cool Touch

Model #: HZ-7300, HZ-7304

360° Surround Heat®

Model #: HHF360

360° Digital Surround Heat®

Model #: HHF370

2 Position

Model #: HHF250

VersaHeat™ 2 in 1 Heater + Fan

Model #: HHT260


Model #: HCE100

Slim Design Mini Tower

Model #: HCE311


Slim Design Tower

Model #: HCE317

Slim Design Tower

Model #: HCE322

Slim Design Tower

Model #: HCE323


Model #: HZ-860

TurboForce® Power

Model #: HHF550

TurboForce® Power Digital

Model #: HHF565


Model #: HCE840

Digital Electric Radiator

Model #: HZ-789

Infrared Heater

Model #: HZ-970

ComfortTemp™ 4

Model #: HCE640

ComfortTemp™ 4 Dx

Model #: HCE645