TurboForce® Floor Fan, HF-910

TurboForce® Floor Fan, HF-910

Feel the blast of the TurboForce® Floor Fan from 45 ft. away!¹ Its 3 speed settings and 90° pivoting head are designed to work with the cooling and heating elements in your home to create a custom comfort zone in any season.

  • Designed for large area, whole room cooling
  • Feel the powerful airflow up to 45 ft. away
  • 25% quieter than previous models²
  • Fan head pivots up to 90 degrees
  • 3 speed settings
¹ Based on internal testing (test #18-098).
² 25% quieter than similar sized air circulators based on internal sound testing (test# 10-108).

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Details & Dimensions

The uniquely engineered fan blades provide quiet, immensely powerful whole-room cooling for your home or office. Whether you’re looking for big air circulation or whole room cooling, this 20 inch energy saving³ fan has been designed with your comfort in mind.

SKU: HF-910
Dimensions: W 23.8″ x H 22.6″ x L 6.8″
No tool assembly

³ Based on internal testing (test # 18-154). Save on cooling bills when used with an air conditioner! Honeywell Turbo Air Circulators help lower energy bills by increasing the distribution of cooler air from the a/c, creating a vortex of air flow for increased comfort. Increased air flow allows the a/c to be used at lower wattage settings to help save you money.
Owner's Manual & FAQs

Owner’s Manual: TurboForce High Velocity Air Circulators (HT-900, HT-908, HT-910, HPF820 Series)


Question: How do I clean my fan blades?


Removal of the front grille for cleaning:

  • Unplug the fan before cleaning.
  • Lay the gently face down on a flat sturdy surface.
  • Locate the screws found on the back grille of the fan.
  • Using a Phillips Head screwdriver, loosen each screw by unscrewing each head to the left.
  • Once all screws have been loosened, slowly lift the fan into an upright position using the back carrying handle. Do not lift up to quickly as screws may fall out.
  • Separate the front grille along the seam where the screws were located.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the fan grilles and blade.

To reassemble the fan, collect all of the screws and lay the fan on its back.

  • Place the front grille onto the unit, lining up the notch in the grille, with the notch along the bottom of the fan.
  • Once the grille is aligned with the body of the fan, and each screw hole matches up, flip the unit to lay it face down on a flat surface.
  • Insert each screw into a hole and gently tighten each screw. Ensure that the front grille and the bottom of the fan are tightly secured together.

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