How to Establish Healthy Self-Care Routines in Your Home This Year

Exercise regularly. Eat a balanced diet. Stay hydrated. Practice mindfulness. Whew!

We’re exposed to a lot of self-care advice these days. But we’re also so busy that the prospect of adding something we’re not doing to our plates — even if it’s for our own good — can feel overwhelming.

There’s no doubt that self-care is beneficial. How can you squeeze it into your day-to-day? By establishing routines.

How to help clean the air you breathe indoors.

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. Consequently, we pay attention to our indoor comfort. We have the thermostat to ensure we’re not too hot or cold. We should think at least as much about the quality of the air we’re breathing in our own homes.

Whereas a thermostat manages indoor temperature, air purifiers are devices designed to manage indoor air quality. Honeywell air purifiers use a fan to suck in dirty air, force the dirty air through a filter that captures certain microscopic airborne allergens and particles (smoke, pet dander, dust, dust mite debris), and return cleaner, fresher air to the room.

Homes can contain air that is five times worse than outdoor air — especially if you have an energy-efficient, tightly constructed home that can traps pollutant inside. Your house’s air could contain dust, pollen, pet dander, VOCs (volatile organic compounds, gasses, or chemicals emitted from various household products), smoke, and different odors.

Once you put air purifiers in the rooms of your choice, your routine is a simple one. Change air purifier filters when indicated. Make your routine even more effortless by keeping Genuine Honeywell Filters on hand.

Air purifiers increase house cleaning effectiveness.

To turn your usual house cleaning into a routine, put it on a calendar. Vacuuming carpets and rugs every Saturday morning won’t slip to one Saturday a month if you have a reminder in place. The same goes for dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and other must-dos.

Vacuuming and dusting are sure to send microscopic particles like dust and allergens — like smoke, pet dander, dust, dust mite debris — airborne. Make the second part of this routine, ensuring that your air purifiers run in rooms while you’re cleaning to help minimize breathing these pollutants.

Make cleaning a family affair.

Share your insights into how cleaning is a form of self-care with your household. Your roommate, partner, or kids will undoubtedly notice the regularity of your new routines. Inspire them to participate in your routines and to adopt their own.

Your pets probably won’t assist, but you’re picking up their slack: Your Honeywell air purifier is helping to capture their dander.

Take self-care to heart this new year.

A little self-care goes a long way. All you need are simple routines. And a little help doesn’t hurt. If you can’t recruit additional hands, take heart knowing that your Honeywell air purifiers will always do their part to keep your home’s air fresher and cleaner all year long.