Make Winter Your Favorite Season

If you’re a tank-tops and flip-flops kind of person, then wintertime weather can have you feeling “ugh.” But while you can’t control the temperature outdoors, there are lots of things you can do to make winter more enjoyable. Here are 4 easy ways to help turn winter into your new favorite season.

1. Make your home a haven

When the weather outside is frightful, having a cozy, calming environment indoors can make all difference. Fortunately, making your home a haven isn’t hard to do: start by stocking up on comfortable blankets and hot drinks for lounging. Also be sure that rooms have plenty of warm lighting to counteract the gloominess outdoors.

Tip: Build time into your schedule for simply relaxing at home – it will help you recharge during the hectic holiday season.

2. Personalize your warmth

Chances are, everyone in your home wants the thermostat at a different temperature. To get the coziness you want without raising the thermostat, simply use a portable heater – it’s a safe, money-saving way to deliver warmth instantly, just in the spaces that need it.

Tip: Check out the Honeywell ThermaWave 6 Ceramic Heater for perfectly personalized warmth.

3. Focus on family and friends

One of the best ways to beat cold-weather woes is to make winter the time that you focus on your favorite people. Because when it’s cold outside, your heart needs extra warmth too! Take the time to call someone you haven’t seen in a while or send a card to a loved one – it will likely end up meaning more to them (and you) than you anticipated.

Tip: When planning wintertime gatherings, keep events casual and flexible – they’ll be just as memorable, while reducing stress on yourself and guests.

4. Be kind to yourself

Winter weather is harsh – dry, outside air can wreak havoc on your skin and sinuses, and the chilly cold can make you feel sluggish. Treat yourself to skincare and wellness products that are soothing and restorative to reduce wintertime irritations. And even if you just want to curl up and hibernate, remember that exercising regularly can lift your mood, helping you feel better inside and out.

Tip: Use a humidifier to help temporarily relieve dry skin, irritated sinuses and more.

Make this winter your most relaxing, coziest one yet – and who knows, you just might end up with a new favorite season.