Meet The Honeywell Digital Turbo Force® Power Heat Circulator

If you’d like powerful warmth on demand, then we have the ideal solution for you. Combining our Turbo Force® fan technology with our heater technology, the Honeywell Digital Turbo Force® Power Heat Circulator allows you to warm up a large room quickly and keep it warm – so you and your family can stay cozier all winter long.

Coziness on demand

The Honeywell Digital Turbo Force® Power Heat Circulator provides warmth and heated air circulation when and how you need it.

  • 2 heat levels include high heat for a rush of warmth and low heat to maintain the coziness, for medium to large rooms.
  • The Turbo Force® fan technology allows the heat to reach deep into the room, so everyone can enjoy the warmth.
  • An adjustable thermostat ensures easy regulation of the room’s temperature.

Customizable comfort

Multiple features for personalizing your warmth make it simple to get just the amount of cozy comfort you want.

  • Set the timer for 1, 2, 4 or 6 hours for continual warming of the room.
  • 3 selectable oscillation angles (60, 90 or 120 degrees) provide personal, area or whole-room heating.
  • Pivot the heater head 15, 30 or 45 degrees to direct warmth exactly where you want it.
  • Use the fan feature on its own for powerful cooling in warmer months and year-round use.

Built for safety

Our Safety Matters™ program ensures that we’re always innovating our heaters to offer tried and tested safety for your family. The Honeywell Digital Turbo Force® Power Heat Circulator was designed with enhanced safety features that provide an extra level of protection and peace of mind.

  • NEW SafeGuard® Auto Shut-Off feature (optional) shuts the heater off after 8 hours of use, in case you forget to turn it off.
  • 360 degree tip-over protection helps keep the heater from being accidentally knocked over.
  • 2x overheat protection includes an overheat sensor and back-up cut-off fuse.
  • Cool touch plastic housing keeps the heater housing cool for handling and touching.
  • Thermal insulated wiring and reinforced wire connections keep the electrical current flowing safely to the heater.

Make this season cozier than ever – give your family and yourself a powerful, personalized level warmth with the Honeywell Digital Turbo Force® Power Heat Circulator.

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