Easy to Care Cool Moisture Console Humidifier, HEV685

Easy to Care Cool Moisture Console Humidifier, HEV685

This Cool Mist humidifier delivers comfortable humidity to help keep throat and nasal passages hydrated.

  • Two easy ways to fill via the humidifier or sink
  • Wide tank opening easy to fill and clean
  •  Adjustable humidistat with 3 speed settings
  • Wicking filter captures minerals in the water
  • Refill light lets you know when water is low
  • Auto shut-off when tank is empty

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Details & Dimensions

If you need a humidifier for large rooms, or want to add moisture to your whole house, this 3 gallon, easy fill humidifier console with a humidistat can be combined with other options to help control humidity in your home. Designed for high moisture output, this large humidifier has two 1.5-gallon tanks and can run up to 24 hours on the low setting. The two removable top-fill water tanks each have a large opening and can be filled easily at the sink or with a pitcher. This advanced humidifier has an adjustable humidistat with high, medium, and low speed settings, and it automatically turns on and off to maintain your desired humidity level.

Room Size: Extra Large
Tank Size: 2 x 1.5 gallon tanks
Run Time: up to 24 hours
Dimensions: W 13.40″ x H 13.10″ x L 21.30″
Compatible Filter: HC14 (one included)

This Honeywell cool moisture humidifier includes a wicking filter that captures minerals in the water. For best performance, use only Genuine Honeywell humidifier filters.

Owner's Manual & FAQs

Owner’s Manual:  Easy to Care Cool Moisture Console Humidifier (HEV685)


Question: Which filter is compatible with the HEV685 humidifier?

Answer: The HEV685 is compatible with the HC14 – Filter E.

Question: How do I know which size humidifier will best fit my room?

Answer: Room Size Chart: Small – Up to 250 ft2 Medium – ~250-400 ft2 Large – ~400-600 ft2 XL/Multi – ~700-1200 ft2

*Room sizes are estimates based on measurement in accordance with ANSI standards for homes of average insulation.

For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

Videos & Support

How to Clean
Follow these simple steps to cleaning your Honeywell Top Fill Console Humidifier HEV680/HEV685.”

Warranty Information

3 Year Limited Warranty

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Easy to Clean

Large, easy to wipe surfaces

3 Speeds and Adjustable Humidistat

Unit cycles on and off to maintain desired humidity level

Easy to Carry

Ergonomic grip