Safety Matters®

Our Safety Matters® program is constantly evolving to ensure that our products are made with innovative, tried and tested safety features.

We incorporate safety features that meet and exceed industry standards into each of our products. Safety features used vary between models based on the design and intended usage of the heater. Find your model below and watch the video to see which safety features are included in your heater.

Safety Features Videos

Ceramic Heaters

Thermawave 6 Heater (HCE870)

Thermawave Heater (HZ-860)

Slim Ceramic Tower Heater (HCE317)

Safeguard Motion Sensor Ceramic Heater (HCE323)

Ceramic Heater (HCE309B)

Ceramic Heater (HCE353)

Heatbud Ceramic Personal Heater (HCE100)

Comfort Temp Heater (HCE645W)

ComfortTemp 4 Ceramic Tower Heater (HCE640B)

Digital Ceramic Heater (HCE322V)

EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater (HZ-7304)

EnergySmart Electric Radiator (HZ-789)

Digital Ceramic Personal Heater (HCE311)

360° Digital Surround Heater (HHF370)

Digital 360° Surround Heater (HZ435/HZ445)

360° Surround Heater (HHF360)

HeatGenius Heater (HCE840B/HCE845)

UberHeat Heater (HCE200)

UberHeat Plus Heater (HCE220)

UberHeat 5 Heater (HCE210)

Heater Fans

Two Position Heater + Fan (HHF250)

Turbo Force Heater (HHF550)

Turbo Force Power Heater (HHF540)

Digital Turbo Force Power Heater Circulator (HHF565)

VersaHeat 2 in 1 Heater + Fan (HHF260)

Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heater (HZ970/HZ980)