Ways to Stay Cool

It may be getting hotter outside, but there are lots of easy, cost-effective ways to stay cool this summer. With these simple tips, you might even be able to raise your thermostat a few degrees and save money on your A/C bill. Get ready to add a little more “cool” to your summer routine and check out the tips below.

Put a (cold) hot water bottle in your bed

When you feel hot, it’s nearly impossible to fall asleep. Stay comfy in bed by repurposing that cold-weather standby – the hot water bottle. Instead of filling it with hot water, just fill it with ice water. Place the bottle under the covers, near your legs, and it will help you feel cooler and make it easier to fall asleep.

If you and your partner tend to disagree about whether the room feels too warm, this cold “hot” water bottle is a great way to customize your coolness when you’re in bed or even relaxing on the couch, without affecting the temp for your partner.

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan

Did you know that the direction of a ceiling fan’s rotation actually impacts how well it cools you off? There’s a switch on the motor housing below the fan blades, allowing you to control whether the ceiling fan runs clockwise or counterclockwise. Use this to your advantage!

In cooler months, run the ceiling fan clockwise on a low speed – it will move warmer air from the ceiling down toward the floor, where you can enjoy it. In hotter months, run the ceiling fan counterclockwise to create a cooling airflow in the room.

Graze on spicy food

There’s a reason why some of the globe’s hottest regions are also hotspots for spicy cuisine. India, Southeast Asia and Latin America frequently spike their dishes with chile peppers, and the answer is likely because of the effect chiles have on the body.

When you eat hot peppers, they trick your brain into thinking that your body temperature is rising – so your brain triggers mechanisms like sweating, which cool you down. But for maximum coolness, avoid eating a large meal, even if it the food is spicy – the increase in digestive activity can in fact increase your body temp.

Create a cooler breeze with Honeywell fans

Bring a cool breeze to every room in your home with a Honeywell fan – while saving up to 20% on your home’s energy costs. When you use a whole-room Honeywell fan in combination with your A/C, you can raise your thermostat up to 4 degrees higher without affecting your comfort.

Fans cool you by helping to evaporate sweat and by moving your own body heat away from your body. You’ll feel physically cooler with fan’s increased airflow, and you’ll feel good about conserving energy and saving money.

So don’t sweat it if there’s a hotter temp outside – with these tips and a Honeywell fan, you can stay cooler all summer long.