Ultra Glow Light Changing Humidifier & Diffuser, HUL530

Ultra Glow Light Changing Humidifier & Diffuser, HUL530

The Honeywell Ultra Glow Light Changing Humidifier and Diffuser fills your air with refreshing moisture to help relieve dry air discomforts and also lets you relax and enjoy your favorite essential oils.

  • No filter required
  • Essential oil diffuser and tray
  • Light changing tank with 7 color options
  • Adjustable cool mist control

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Details and Dimensions

During cold and flu season, when allergies kick in, or the air is simply just dry, you can rely on this small humidifier for your entire family. It also offers calming essential oils two ways: you can add essential oils directly to the water tank, or use the oil tray for a more subtle fragrance experience. Essential oils not included. The calming ambiance gets even better with the glowing, color changing lights.

Honeywell humidifiers for bedroom and beyond add necessary moisture to the air, and help ensure proper humidity levels in your home. Indoor humidity levels between 40-60% can help relieve cough and congestion, keep throat and nasal passages hydrated, temporarily relieve dry air discomfort, protect furniture, reduce static electricity and even keep plants healthier.

This Honeywell humidifier and diffuser is a cool mist humidifier, and produces a fine, visible cool mist with a directional mist outlet. It has a quiet operation, adjustable mist control and a directional mist outlet to let you customize the moisture level in the air, making it a great choice for your family, even as a kids or baby humidifier. Plus, it has a wide tank opening that makes it easy to fill and clean, no filters to replace and it automatically shuts off when empty. It features an up to 24 hour run time.

Room Size: Small
Tank Size: .5 gallon tank
Run Time: up to 24 hours
Dimensions: W 7.87″ x H 8.82″

Owner's Manual & FAQs

Question: How do I set up/install my Honeywell Ultra Glow Cool Mist ½ Gallon Humidifier + Diffuser?

Answer: Follow the step-by-step instructions below to set up your Honeywell Ultra Glow Cool Mist ½ Humidifier + Diffuser.

  1. Remove packaging materials. Keep instructions.
  2. Remove twist tie and extend power cord.
  3. Place on a firm, level, water resistant surface a minimum of 12″ (30cm) from any walls. Mist should be directed away from any walls, bedding and furniture.

Question: How do I use the Soothing Light Feature? 

Answer: This humidifier features a soothing light feature that adds ambience to the room. The light feature cycles through 7 colors every 35 seconds. It can be paused on any color and the lights can be dimmed or turned off at any time. The light feature can be used even when the humidifier is turned off (no mist) if the unit is plugged in. When turning the light feature on it will default to color cycling.

Press & RELEASE light icon

  • 1st press – turns light feature on; cycles through colors
  • 2nd press – pauses at selected color until pressed again
  • 3rd press – turns light feature off

Press & HOLD to adjust brightness of lights

  • Light will fade from bright to dim to off while holding

Question: How do I use essential oils in my Honeywell Ultra Glow Cool Mist ½ Gallon Humidifier + Diffuser? 

Answer: This humidifier accepts essential oils in two ways. Both, in your humidifier as a diffuser and in a special oil tray.

Diffuser: To use essential oils in your humidifier as a diffuser, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to the water in the Tank and replace the Cap.  DO NOT operate without water. ONLY use 100% natural essential oils, use of other oils may cause damage to the Humidifier.

ALWAYS reference the essential oil labeling for usage and dosage instructions. This is a ½ gallon humidifier.

NOTE: The Tank and Reservoir are specially made of oil-proof materials, but other parts of the Humidifier are not. Essential oils should only be allowed in the Tank and Reservoir. If any oils spill outside of the Tank or Reservoir, be sure to wipe down gently with a wet paper towel and then dry gently with a dry paper towel.

Essential Oil Tray: For a more subtle scent experience, add oil to the special tray. The aroma from the oil enters the room through the air path and does not meet the water.

  1. Press the Tray Door to open.
  2. Add a few drops of essential oil to the Pad.
  3. To clean the Essential Oil Tray, gently wipe residue from the Tray.

Replacement essential oil pads can be ordered by contacting us.

For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

Warranty Information

2 Year Limited Warranty

What You’ll Need to Register Your Humidifier:

  1. Model number for each product you purchased
  2. An email address. We will use this to send you confirmation of your registration
  3. The purchase date of your product

Color-Changing Lights

Cycle through 7 illuminated tank colors. Or freeze on one color to match your mood. Tank light feature can be dimmed or turned off.

Essential Oils Two Ways

Add essential oil directly to the water tank to diffuse through the mist.* Or add to the oil tray for a more subtle fragrance experience. Essential oils not included.

Cool Mist Humidifier

Restore essential moisture to dry indoor air. Proper humidity helps temporarily relieve dry air discomforts.

* This humidifier tank is made from a special plastic that will not be damaged by essential oils. Never add anything to a humidifier tank unless specifically noted by manufacturer.