DreamWeaver® Sleep Fan (HTF400)

Question: Why is my fan noisy?

Answer: The HTF400 Honeywell DreamWeaver Fan features three powerful speed settings.  A light tap in the center of the control panel located on the top surface will turn the power on at the lowest speed setting.  Continue to tap the control panel to increase the speed setting; low, medium, high and off.  You can also close the shutter when cooling isn’t needed, still maintaining the soothing Pink Noise Sound.  

Question: How do I clean my fan?


To clean your HTF400 Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan, please refer to your Owner’s Manual and the steps below: 
1. Ensure the fan is turned OFF and unplugged. 
2. Use only a soft cloth to gently wipe the outer surfaces of the fan clean. 
3. DO NOT immerse the fan in water and NEVER allow water to drip into the motor housing. 
4. DO NOT use gasoline, paint thinner, or other chemicals to clean the fan. 


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