Turbo Force® Series Fan (HT900/HT908/HT910)

  • Question: How Do I Clean My Fan Blades?


    Removal of the front grille for cleaning:

    Unplug the fan before cleaning.

    Lay the gently face down on a flat sturdy surface.

    Locate the screws found on the back grille of the fan.

    Using a Phillips Head screwdriver, loosen each screw by unscrewing each head to the left.

    Once all screws have been loosened, slowly lift the fan into an upright position using the back carrying handle. Do not lift up to quickly as screws may fall out.

    Separate the front grille along the seam where the screws were located.

    Use a damp cloth to wipe the fan grilles and blade.

    To reassemble the fan, collect all of the screws and lay the fan on its back.

    Place the front grille onto the unit, lining up the notch in the grille, with the notch along the bottom of the fan.

    Once the grille is aligned with the body of the fan, and each screw hole matches up, flip the unit to lay it face down on a flat surface.

    Insert each screw into a hole and gently tighten each screw. Ensure that the front grille and the bottom of the fan are tightly secured together.


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