Honeywell QuietSet® 5 Tower Fan (HYF260)

  • Question: What do I do if my fan is turning off and oscillating on its own?

    Answer: The HYF260B Honeywell QuietSet Tower Fan features a timer setting that automatically shuts your fan off after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.  The control panel light automatically shuts off after 15 seconds and illuminates temporarily when settings are changed. 

  • Question: How do I setup/install my fan?


    To assemble your fan, please refer to your Owner’s Manual, found here and the following steps below: 
    1. Click the two base halves together, then remove the locking nut from the bottom of the fan housing. 
    2. Thread the cord through the base and place the fan housing into the base. 
    3. Thread the cord once again through the locking nut. 
    4. Twist the locking nut onto the base until you hear an audible click. 
    5. For cord management slide the cord through the inside guide tabs and out through the bottom. 
    6. Replace the thumb screws for added stability, stand your fan up and it’s ready for use. 

  • Question: How do I order missing parts for my fan?

    Answer: Please refer to the Part Guide section in your Owner’s Manual to verify all your parts.  If you are missing anything please contact Consumer Relations at [email protected]

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