Honeywell QuietSet® 5 Tower Fan & QuietSet® 8 Tower Fan (HY260/HY290)

Question: How Do I Register My Product For Warranty?

Answer: Please go to warranty-registration to register your product to receive product information updates as well as the chance to receive special promotional offers.

Question: How Do I Assemble My Fan?


Base assembly:

Remove 2 thumb screws from the base and set aside. Align the front and back base pieces and gently push until pieces snap securely together

Securing the tower fan to the base:

At the base of the housing, remove the locking nut and set aside.

Carefully lift the fan housing and place the power cord through the center of the base.

Lower the fan housing into the base, align the back of the fan with the back of the base. Gently rotate the fan housing until it is seated in the base.

Take the locking nut and place power cord through the locking nut bringing locking nut up inside the base, screw the locking nut onto the fan housing turning clockwise (by turning to the Right) until fully tightened and an audible ratcheting is heard.

Securing the cord inside the base:

Gently place the fan on its side, pressing the cord securely into cord guides along the inside of fan base, exiting through the notched opening ensuring a flat and stable base for the fan.

Place 2 thumb screws into the base for added stability.

Return the tower fan to its upright position. Note: Do not operate the tower fan unless it is in its proper, upright position.

Question: Why is my fan noisy?


The HYF290B is designed to offer 8 quiet cooling settings, including a “Sleep” speed when initially turned on.  To adjust the speed up or down, press the Fan Speed button repeatedly to increase level. 

How Do I Set The Timer?
 1 hour: Press the Timer button once.

2 hours: Press the Timer button twice.

4 hours: Press the Timer button a third time.

8 hours: Press the Timer button a fourth time.

Press the Timer button a fifth time to turn the Timer feature off.

Press the Timer button a fifth time to turn the Timer feature off.

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